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Grand York & Reserve Grand Overall 
2021 State Fair Of Texas

TX STATE FAIR2021-2.jpg


Shown By: Rhett Newman 

Placed By: Rodney Parks

Champion york _ 2021 Heart Of Texas.jpg

Champion York Gilt 
2021 HEART Of Texas

Shown By: Jacie Hoyt 

Placed By: Rodney Parks

3rd overall crossbred breeding gilt & 4th overall Gilt

2020 Indiana Stock show

Shown By: Dylan Miller 

Placed By: Cody Lamle 

 Reserve Cross & Fifth overall gilt  

Shown By: Bri Ulmer

Placed By: Lane Rinderer

 Multiple Time Class Winner 

IL Jackpots

 Champion Barrow 

2020 Northern Illinois Youth Livestock expo

Shown By: Ellie Robinson

Shown By: Avery Boss

 Grand Champion 

2020 Colfax County

Placed By: Goss

 Class Winner 

Weld Co, CO

 Champion Commercial Gilt & Grand Breeding Gilt 

2020 Acadiana District  

 Reserve Champion 

2019 North West District

Placed By: Goss

Shown By: Zachary Hebert

Shown By: Mason Welch

 Grand Champion 

2019 AG EXPO

Shown By: Mason Welch

Reserve Grand 

2020 Colfax County

Champion York & 3rd overall gilt  

2019 Summer Kickoff

Placed By: Goss

Shown By: Mayci Humphrey


Champion Breeding gilt 
2022 State fair of LA

champion breeding gilt _ 2021 Louisiana State Fair.jpg

Shown By: Kylan Romero

Reserve Grand AOB Gilt
2022 LSU

Res AOB gilt _ 2022 LSU.jpg

Shown By: Havyn Louque

Reserve Grand Hamp
2022 LSU

RES HAMP _ 2022 LSU.jpg

Shown By: Alaina Boyd

3rd Overall Berk 
2022 Mid-South Regional

3rd Overall Berk _ 2022 Mid South.jpg

Shown By: Emma Levet

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